sorry but a relationship where you forbid each other to talk to the opposite sex isn’t a relationship at all. love is about admiration not possession, we might live in a world where materialism is acceptable but people aren’t the same you can’t control someone like that

*sends this to all the couples at my school*

Anonymous asked:

What is the highest compliment you can pay someone with?


If I call you ‘interesting’.

Interesting to me is the best thing you can ever call someone, it means they spiked your interest, they are, or have done something that makes you want to learn more. I get bored of people quite quickly and without any notice, but if I find you interesting I will take a deep interest in finding out more about you.

People who are interesting stand out from those that aren’t, it means you are different and I want to know that back story, or why you do certain things, or why you are. well, you. People who are interesting are in my opinion, beautiful, amazing, far from ordinary, different, weird (in a great way), opinionated and has a clear sense and view of the world and what to do about it.

Very few people have ever spiked my interest, and if they do I remind them about how interesting they are to me as often as I can. Anyone who I have found to be ‘interesting’ have remained an interest to me, and I think about them every day in some form or another for all different reasons.